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there is a proble you can't hold onto ledges I can't get past a room it wont let me jump on wall

Hello! Will your game require music? I love conceiving musical arrangements that embody artwork and gameplay, and this game is byoo-tee-ful. I'm curious as to how upcoming levels/areas are going to look. Would you consider letting me score for you? 

I didn't read the description before playing and indeed it did remind me of the first Prince of Persia! Very fun and challenging to play, you get more challenge on each new screen. I especially like that you can use the wall jump feature to escape from some of the spike pits. I'd like to invite your game to take part in our Game Development World Championship!

Hi! Fun but no way to stop sliding on walls. Also, Impossible to beat part of mysterious dungeon part 2 where it requires you to wall jump but there is no platform to stand on after jumping, just spikes. The level is where the arrows are perpendicular to each other and there is also a neon-pink fencing at the end of the level.

Hi tigress! Great that you enjoyed.

That is the final room and it is almost impossible, just to retain the player a little more to develop its skills.

But, if it is so hard that is frustating, and we know it is, then there is a problem. So it is why we are uploading a new version now.

Thank you!